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Welcome to Pot Seeds

Pot Seeds | The most trusted supplier of Cannabis Seeds in the UK

Potseeds have been shipping Cannabis Seeds to collectors in the UK, and growers overseas for 12 years. Even after the changes that many shops suffered in the recent past, we are STILL here serving our loyal customers.

Alongside Cannabis Seeds we are also specialists in rare plants and mushroom spore studies. We are bona fide collectors and purveyors of these items, and have a real passion for what we sell... we aren't just drop shippers. Our examples are of the highest quality, we use our extensive network of collectors and suppliers to provide specimens that nobody else in the industry can.

We aren't the kind of shop that just lists EVERY cannabis seed available in the world. We hand select the Cannabis Seed Banks that are featured in the store. If the strain you are interested in isn't here, you can bet there is a good reason why - drop us a note and ask! (The current state of the market makes this even more imperative - September 2016)

Shopping with us is easy and secure. We have vast experience in discreet, and rapid delivery of all sizes of orders. We supply genuine F1 cannabis seeds (marijuana seeds). Also in our range is everything you need to study mushroom spores and grow selected varieties. Cactus seeds are also big with us, check the section.

If you purchase cannabis seeds from our store you can be assured of only getting The Real Deal, from the ORIGINAL seed breeders. We do not under any circumstances split open packages to give extra seeds or single seeds. If you are offered this service BEWARE OF FAKE CANNABIS SEEDS. Selling single seeds is a dubious practice.

Dr Hemp takes the lessons he learns in selling cannabis seeds to customers and uses this information to develop his own strains. Dr Hemps Lemonade is a direct result of studying the seed market. The Doctor saw a demand for citrus seeds, and took his time developing his own citrus flavoured seed stock.

We aren't one of those websites that appears one day, and vanishes the next. We are a proper UK based business with our own warehouse and distribution network for all of our botanical products. If you call us up on the phone, you get to talk to a real life friendly Devonshire Person (The accent may be a little confusing, but we can promise he is friendly!)

00 Auto California Kush Feminised
00 Seeds present an Auto version of the Indica genetics cannabis plant originating in Northern Calif..
text_tax £13.75
Magic Flight Launch Box Vaporiser
Pocket Battery Powered Vaporiser So this one isn't the most technical portable vape, but it is th..
text_tax £57.50
Mr Nice Seeds - Critical Haze
This is a massive award winner and deservedly so. Not the cheapest seed strain on the market, but yo..
text_tax £70.79
BC Bud Depot : BC Cheese
  (12 Cannabis Seeds) The UK Cheese clone was gifted to us from a friend in the UK just as th..
text_tax £45.83
Lemon Juice Express Auto Fem Cannabis Seeds
Lemon Juice Express Auto Fem Feminised Cannabis Seeds An autoflowering line that tastes like p..
text_tax £14.16
00 Sweet Soma Feminised Cannabis Seeds
Another secret bombshell from 00 Cannabis Seeds Check out the auto version to give you a bit of a c..
text_tax £14.58
Dinafem Shark Attack Cannabis Seeds
Shark Attack cannabis seeds produce plants that relax the body and muscles very noticeably..
text_tax £25.79
710 Genetics : Tropical Berry
Tropical Berry from 710 Genetics is a hybrid of both Indica and Sativa strains - it is a perfec..
text_tax £14.16
Female Seeds - Grapefruit
Female Seeds - Grapefruit For those who like it sweet ! Developed out of a Cindy 99, bred with an ..
text_tax £19.16
Female Seeds - Bubblegummer
Bubblegummer - Feminised Bubble Gum started its journey in Indiana USA, before branching its geneti..
text_tax £13.29
Female Seeds - Ice
Female Seeds NL - Ice This Skunk Special, White Widow cross was selected by picking the best from 5..
text_tax £18.29
Iolite Vaporiser
Iolite Vaporizer: Introducing a revolutionary cordless vaporizer from the designers at Iolite in Ire..
text_tax £65.83
Johnstons Genetics : Captain Purpberry
Johnstons Genetics : Captain Purpberry​ is a secret release for Dr Hemp. Captain PurpBerry is great..
text_tax £41.66
Organic Milk Kefir Grains
100% Organic Fed Kefir Grains.   Kefir is a fermented milk drink made with kefir&nbs..
text_tax £8.33
papers-Ja Ja Ultra Black
JaJa ULTRA BLACK smoking paper Seriously thin, not too deep. pretty perfect. It's made of ultra thin..
text_tax £1.00
TH Seeds - Da Purps
Da Purps - 10 cannabis seeds This beautiful variety was ‘gifted’ to T.H.Seeds from experienced..
text_tax £49.99
Red Eye Amazed Pipe
Prepare to be A'Maze'd with this new edition pipe from Red-Eye. A high quality, lightweight and disc..
text_tax £20.79
World of Seeds - Afghan Kush x Skunk
Owing to her elevated levels of cannabinoid production, which is the result of crossing World of See..
text_tax £15.63
Cacti Grow Kits
If you are serious about growing a Cactus Plant from seed, give yourself the best chance with one of..
text_tax £7.49
Delta 9 Labs : Fondue (Feminised)
  5 Feminised Cannabis Seeds strain type: indica 75% - sativa 25% buzz: strong head, strong ..
text_tax £27.46
Samsara Seeds - Crazy Miss Hyde
Samsara Seeds Crazy Miss Hyde is an excellent hybrid, a blend of two varieties distinguished by thei..
text_tax £13.74
Wooden Grinder
High Quality Cannabis Leaf Hand Grinder Ideal for grinding herbs and spices.Grind your stuff to a f..
text_tax £2.46
Journey Pipe
Journey’s Filter Gap Technology™ filters smoking herbs better. The magnetic lid snaps right or left ..
text_tax £21.66
Barneys Farm Seeds - Amnesia Lemon
Barneys Farm Amnesia Lemon Cannabis Seeds Barney's Farm is a past master at combining great flavour..
text_tax £27.49
Cali Connection | Feminised Buddha Tahoe OG Kush
THE ORIGNAL BUDDHA TAHOE OG She is a selected Pure Tahoe OG. This pheno takes you to enlightenment..
text_tax £54.96
CBD Crew : Mango Haze
CBD Mango Haze is one of the most pleasant tasting plants in CBD-crew line up, as well as one of the..
text_tax £33.33
Delux Electric Grinder
This Delux Grinder is electric and looks like a torch. Ideal for the geek in your life that ain't in..
text_tax £4.16
G13 Labs | Royal Kush
G13 Labs Royal Kush : 5 Cannabis Seeds Royal Kush is a strong hard wearing strain which is a cross o..
text_tax £33.33
Apex Hex Pen
The APEX Hex is a powerful portable essential oil vaporizer that stands out from the usual suspects...
text_tax £79.17
Ascent - Da Vinci Vaporiser
The DaVinci Ascent is a portable vaporizer designed with true connoisseurs in mind, offering an all-..
text_tax £124.17
Barneys Farm Seeds - Dr Grinspoon
Welcome to the wholly grail of sativa's - Dr Grinspoon cannabis seeds. This popular barneys strai..
text_tax £30.83
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